This was a complicated case with a lot of documentation to look through.  Cavo helped me get through it more efficiently!

EquiClaim DRG Analyst

Advent Health Partners drives maximum financial returns and operational insights to its clients through expertise, technology and an open partnership.


Improve productivity with advanced technology. Advent's CAVO will link disparate data and paper documents allowing your analysts to determine which clinical and complex claims to appeal or not to appeal and provides electronic document assembly.


Improve revenue with increased operation insights. Advent partners with you through a blend of outsource and/or in-source engagements to identify root cause reasons for denials and to recover appeals on a contingent basis. Our team is ready to dig in.

Our Method

Benefit from Advent's customized blend of services and technology for increased revenue and operational efficiencies. We will partner with you to achieve short term revenue needs and long term efficiencies leading to improved revenue for your facility